Pintastic Game Bringer Terms & Conditions

As part of your admission, you agree that your machine is in good working order and functioning properly. If for any reason it should break down during the show, you agree to get it repaired and running again. To assist those who have their machines go down, we will have several great techs walking around inspecting and repairing games for you. All costs associated with these repairs are YOUR responsibility.

Upon arrival, proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk, where the staff will officially check in your games within MyFlipR™ and the Free Play staff will assist you in placement within the Free Play room. Games are placed within the Free Play room at the discretion of Pintastic Staff and may include special clusters of related games. We highly recommend leaving a spare key when checking in, to enable the Repair Team to resolve minor issues such as stuck balls or missing credits without needing to contact you. Once your game is set up and passes a safety review with the Free Play staff, you will receive your show admissions. Please note that games may be moved around the room during the weekend for many reasons, such as to improve crowd flow.

All machines must be set to free play for everyone to enjoy. For the games that cannot set free play in the play pricing, either set a replay score that is very low and easily achieved, and load the game with credits at the start of each day, or install a button that simulates inserting a coin or adds a credit. On electromechanical games having a credit unit and replay button, find the switch that opens when the credits are at zero and modify that switch so that it is always closed.

During standard game removal hours (8:00-11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday or anytime on Sunday) games may be removed without penalty. If the game needs to be removed outside of these hours, there will be a fee for early removal. Games being removed early on Friday or Saturday are subject to a removal fee of $35. Games removed on Thursday should not be removed unless special circumstances arise, and will incur a fee of $60. To pay removal fees, bring the game card to the Box Office, where staff will process the fees and approve the removal, then proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk to begin the check-out process. Keep in mind that if your game is removed, you will no longer be eligible to win any prizes in the Thank-You Giveaway. You will lose admission privileges after the game's removal if you don't have other games present to cover the admission(s).

Pintastic is not responsible for any damage of any kind that your game sustains during the show, whether mechanically or cosmetically.

You are solely responsible for maintaining your contact information, the confidentiality of your account password and for all activities conducted while logged in to that account.