Registered Games

In addition to the games listed here, there might be more playable games in vendor booths. This list includes vendor games we have been told are coming. Vendors could have multiples of a title, just the one at the show, none left for sale, ability to order another, etc., so ask them about any title you want. Be sure to check out the entire Vendor Hall!

GameFor SaleManufacturerYearTypeGame Links
10th Inning United 1948 Pinball
AC/DC (Premium) Stern 2012 Pinball
Aerosmith (Pro) Stern 2017 Pinball
Ali Stern Electronics 1980 Pinball
Alien Poker Yes* Williams 1980 Pinball
Avatar (Pro) Stern 2010 Pinball
Bad Girls Gottlieb 1988 Pinball
Banzai Run Williams 1988 Pinball
Big Game Stern Electronics 1980 Pinball
Big Guns Williams 1987 Pinball
Bram Stoker's Dracula Williams 1993 Pinball
Card Whiz Gottlieb 1976 Pinball
Centaur Bally 1981 Pinball
Cirqus Voltaire Bally 1997 Pinball
Club House Williams 1958 Pinball
Comet Williams 1985 Pinball
Congo Williams 1995 Pinball
Cosmic Gunfight Williams 1982 Pinball
Cross Country Bally 1963 Pinball
Cyclone Williams 1988 Pinball
Deadpool (Pro) Stern 2018 Pinball
Demolition Man Williams 1994 Pinball
Dialed In! (Limited Edition) Jersey Jack Pinball 2017 Pinball
Disney's Frozen John K. Manuelian 2021 Pinball
Doctor Who Bally 1992 Pinball
Dolly Parton Yes* Bally 1979 Pinball
Doodle Bug Williams 1971 Pinball
Dracula Yes* Stern Electronics 1979 Pinball
Earthshaker Williams 1989 Pinball
Egg Head Gottlieb 1961 Pinball
F-14 Tomcat Williams 1987 Pinball
Firepower Williams 1980 Pinball
Flash Williams 1979 Pinball
Funhouse Williams 1990 Pinball
Getaway: High Speed II, The Williams 1992 Pinball
Godzilla (Pro) Stern 2021 Pinball
Grand Prix Williams 1976 Pinball
Grand Slam Gottlieb 1972 Pinball
Guns N' Roses (LE) Jersey Jack Pinball 2020 Pinball
Guns N' Roses (SE) Yes* Jersey Jack Pinball 2020 Pinball
Guns N' Roses Data East 1994 Pinball
Haunted Cruise John K. Manuelian 2021 Pinball
Hot Wheels American Pinball 2020 Pinball
Houdini Master of Mystery American Pinball 2017 Pinball
Hurricane Williams 1991 Pinball
Indianapolis 500 Bally 1995 Pinball
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) Stern 2018 Pinball
Judge Dredd Bally 1993 Pinball
Klax Atari 1989 Video
Lucky Hand Gottlieb 1977 Pinball
Melody Gottlieb 1967 Pinball
Memory Lane Stern Electronics 1978 Pinball
Metallica (Premium Road Case) Stern 2013 Pinball
Meteor Stern Electronics 1979 Pinball
Meteor Yes* Stern Electronics 1979 Pinball
Michael McTallica Brian and Allison O'Neill 2021 Pinball
Mousin' Around! Bally 1989 Pinball
NBA Fastbreak Bally 1997 Pinball
Neptune Gottlieb 1978 Pinball
New York Gottlieb 1976 Pinball
Oh Yeah! Yes* Allswell Manufacturing 1932 Pinball
Pirates of the Caribbean Stern 2006 Pinball
Police Force Williams 1989 Pinball
ROCK Lives! Homebrew / Premier 2021 Pinball
Red & Ted's Road Show Williams 1994 Pinball
Robo-War Gottlieb 1988 Pinball
Rush (LE) Stern 2021 Pinball
Solar City Gottlieb 1977 Pinball
Solar City Gottlieb 1977 Pinball
Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Homebrew 2020 Pinball
Spider-Man (Black Suited) Stern 2007 Pinball
Star Gazer Stern Electronics 1980 Pinball
Star Trek Bally 1979 Pinball
Star Trek: The Next Generation Williams 1993 Pinball
Stars Stern Electronics 1978 Pinball
Stellar Wars Williams 1979 Pinball
Street Fighter II Gottlieb 1993 Pinball
Surf Champ Gottlieb 1976 Pinball
Tail of the Dragon John K. Manuelian 2021 Pinball
Tales from the Crypt Data East 1993 Pinball
Tales from the Crypt Data East 1993 Pinball
Tales of the Arabian Nights Williams 1996 Pinball
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Williams 1991 Pinball
The Addams Family Bally 1992 Pinball
The Avengers Infinity Quest (Premium) Stern 2020 Pinball
The Lord of the Rings Stern 2003 Pinball
The Shadow Bally 1994 Pinball
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern 2003 Pinball
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern 2003 Pinball
The Walking Dead (Premium) Stern 2015 Pinball
Theatre of Magic Bally 1995 Pinball
Theatre of Magic Bally 1995 Pinball
Time Fantasy Williams 1983 Pinball
Title Fight Gottlieb 1990 Pinball
Transformers Decepticon Violet Limited Edition Stern 2011 Pinball
Transformers™ (Pro) Stern 2011 Pinball
Trident Stern Electronics 1979 Pinball
Twilight Zone Bally 1993 Pinball
WWF Royal Rumble Data East 1994 Pinball
Waterworld Yes* Gottlieb 1995 Pinball
Whirlwind Williams 1990 Pinball
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard Edition) Jersey Jack Pinball 2019 Pinball
Wizard! Bally 1975 Pinball

*Sale information will be available once the show begins, and the game has been checked in.